Numbers are the best pictures

For (business) charts, infographics, statistics, and tables, there is now a new format: the typographically scaled Bissantz'Numbers. The principle is as simple as effective: the larger the value, the greater the number. This presentation steers the view and explains without any long way round, what the figures have to say.

Annual report

Excerpt from the BASF Annual Report for 2015, Functional Materials & Solutions division, which produces, amongst others, catalysts, battery materials, engineering plastics, varnishes, and pastes.

When you typographically scale absolute and relative values separately, you can see the disproportionate improvement in earnings, compared to the sales, at first glance.

German soccer league

Final standings of the 2016/2017 season of the Bundesliga, Germany‘s premier soccer competition, with the points of the first and the last three places.

Even with only six values, the typographical scaling shows its strength: You can experience abstract numbers and their differences.


“Bissantz has re-invented the number.”

Dr. Henri Lüdeke, BBT


“The typographical scaling significantly simplifies the neural processing of numbers."

Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Roth, Biologist


“I couldn’t imagine that it’s possible to experience numbers emotionally and rationally at the same time.”

Thomas Salow, Coretastics

Artistic gymnastics

The 27-year-old Kohei Uchimura from Japan is regarded as being the king of the artistic gymnasts. In all-around competitions, he has remained undefeated for several years. After his Olympic victory in London, he also won gold in Rio de Janeiro.

Typographically scaled scores in four disciplines strike the eye and unveil his superiority immediately.

Medal table

At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the first in South America, 306 medal sets were distributed in 28 sports.

When you scale the results typographically, you can almost feel the compelling dominance of the USA, where sports are an important element of the educational system.

Federal budget

In the federal system of Germany, the federal government, the federal states, and the municipalities share responsibilities and expenditure.

The typographical scaling clearly shows the typical responsibilities, e.g. the federal government for the national defense, the federal states for education, and the municipalities for the child day care and the local schools.

DAX figures

Stock market quotes belong to the values that change quickly and often and continuously yield new rankings. Sometimes the gaps between the ranks are small, sometimes larger, and there are agglomerations or groupings.

Typographically scaled numbers show every distribution pattern immediately and clear as crystal.

Body weight scale

A new bathroom scale compares the measured weight with a stored reference value.

Typographically scaled numbers emphasize the weight loss or gain, colors indicate whether this is what the person wants (blue) or not (red). The absolute body weight is displayed as a neutral measurement with a constant character size.

Requests for newspaper articles

On websites, sometimes small statistics about the number of "Likes" or requests put a large choice of news in order.

The example shows that even close to text, typographically scaled numbers are most suitable for representing differences.


Conventional charts, e.g. line charts, seem to be inevitable when it comes to time series because spotting patterns in a table is considered to be impossible.

As you can see, this has changed with typographically scaled numbers: Now you see the pattern and the number at the same time.

Nutrition Facts

Legal information aims at a greater transparency for the consumer with figures about the ingredients or the composition of a product.

With typographically scaled numbers, this works even better and more direct.


The representation of match results seems quite simple. It is about two teams and in soccer also often about few goals.

As the basketball example shows, the typographical scaling accelerates the understanding and makes the differences between the quarters obvious.


A cartogram avoids distortions that arise when map areas deviate too much from the ratio of the values that you want to visualize by coloring the areas or placing graphical elements and/or values on top of them.

The effect of a cartogram can be increased using the typographical scaling.

Elevation map

Contour lines are very abstract. It takes a lot of imagination to see hills and valleys in the lines and elevations.

Typographically scaled elevations, however, make the landscape much more apparent.


In digital calendars, a small dot below the date signals that one or more appointments are pending that day.

Alternatively, you could scale the date typographically. That makes clear which days you should prepare well.

Columns, colors, figures – what is the best way to show where residence burglaries have recently risen sharply?

How do different mineral waters meet the daily requirements of minerals?

Bissantz'Numbers reverted: What you need to decide quickly becomes larger, even if the value is smaller.

Bissantz'Numbers let the standard business graphics look quite old and childish – not only in 3D.

Fascinating: Typographic scaling can even replace line charts. And you can explain it on the blackboard.

Pie charts have a bad reputation. With Bissantz'Numbers you’ll need them even more rarely.

Gaze lines compared: Even simple charts can make seeing so hard that thinking stops.

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